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added note about index selection to source

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......@@ -39,7 +39,9 @@ page referenced will be:
To set the data, a "nodes" container must be created with at least one node ("n0") that has a `source` and `target`
The `source` is the path to the data on the page (excluding "jcr:content").
The `source` is the path to the data on the page (excluding "jcr:content"). A "-" followed by a number may be used to select an index rather than a specific node. For example:
`"source": "mediaItems/images/-0/image"` will select the first child node of "images" and then return the "image" child of that node
The `target` is the path to the node that will be set or created on the current node (the node to which bl:map is attached) to hold the returned source data
If more than one field needs to be set from the same source, Multiple nodes may be set so long as each has a unique key. Best practice is to increment "nX":
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