Commit b3764b19 authored by Michael Seaholm's avatar Michael Seaholm

Merge branch 'feature/mtc-1284' of into release

parents 464f95b4 b0df924d
......@@ -201,7 +201,10 @@ function loadComponent(rtype, roots, widgetRegistry, hb){
if(!{throw new Error("Widget without name:\n" + JSON.stringify(widget,null," "))}^.\/\.\/|^\.\//g, "").replace(/\/\.\//g,"/");
widget.hbsValidName ='/'), (nameSegment)=>{
//prefixing with './' avoids fieldname and helper function name collisions
// eq: we have a helper named 'quote' which is not uncommon for a field name
widget.hbsValidName = "./" +'/'), (nameSegment)=>{
return /[^\w^:]/.test(nameSegment) ? '['+nameSegment +']' : nameSegment;
widget.lockAllowed = widget.widget !== 'hidden' && !widget.readonly && !widget.diabled;
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