Commit 92a7767a authored by Caleb Weeks's avatar Caleb Weeks

Merge branch 'feature/mtc-836' into 'release'

feature/mtc-836 removed console.log calls

See merge request blacklight/bl-edit!133
parents 741bd990 6e5384bf
......@@ -150,10 +150,7 @@ module.exports.process=function(data,$,cb){
let relativeSlingPath = key.split('bl:map')[0];
relativeSlingPath += 'bl:map';
console.log('found bl:map at ' + key + ' stripped down to ' + relativeSlingPath);
console.log('found bl:map', relativeSlingPath);
blMaps[relativeSlingPath] = _.get(slingData, relativeSlingPath.split('/'));
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