Commit 1c0a337d authored by Caleb Weeks's avatar Caleb Weeks

null check on slingData added

parent 92a7767a
......@@ -271,8 +271,8 @@ module.exports.process=function(data,$,cb){
var mapping=blMapRender(blMaps, slingData['sling:resourceType']);
var annotations = annotationsRender(slingData, slingPath);
var mapping=slingData ? blMapRender(blMaps, slingData['sling:resourceType']) : '';
var annotations = slingData ? annotationsRender(slingData, slingPath) : '';
var dialogContent = $.template({body:dialogBody, mapping, annotations, lock:inheritFrom?true:false, widgetConfigs:configs, dialogConfig: dialogConfig, title: dialogConfig.title, blMaps: blMaps});
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